Take Two Interactive Makes Terrible Decisions

29/06/2017 Main

What’s happening fellow gamers, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. I am posting this out of sheer rage today, as I cannot believe it has happened. Take 2 Interactive; the studio who has worked on such masterpieces as the entire Bioshock and Borderlands series as well as Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 5; has made the worst decision a company of their calibre can do. They gave their fans a gigantic, stinky, middle finger and even accompanied it with farting noises. As you can assume, this has not gone down well in the gaming world. Read more

Best Lightweight Cameras

15/06/2017 Main

Whats up everyone, you are now taking part in a thought experiment, better known as my computers and electronics blog. We all like to take pictures when we see something mind blowing, but most of us do not want to be carrying around that DSLR camera and 2 kilo lens everywhere. I prefer to use lightweight digital cameras, or mirrorless cameras as they are called in the ‘industry’. Being the nice guy I am, I have gone out at my own expense and tried out many different types of mirrorless cameras so that I could come back to you all with this list of the best ones. Of course, being the cheapskate I am I also bought them all used and quickly resold them on so that I could recover some of my loses. After all the buying and selling was done, the winners were decided. Read more

Steam Users Dropping Windows 10

06/06/2017 Main

Hello everyone and welcome to my computers and electronics blog. Today I wanted to cover an interesting trends that I was reading about earlier in the week that I thought might interest you all, especially those who use Steam. Valve, the creators of Steam, recently released the results from their Hardware and Software Survey and found some surprising figures. The use of Windows 7 among Steam users is increasing, while the use of the later operating system Windows 10 is decreasing. While the change is quite small, this is definitely something that has many people wondering what the hell happened, especially technology giant Microsoft. Read more

Gaming on the Go

02/06/2017 Main
Gaming on the Go 

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I recently saw someone selling a used Nvidia Gaming Shield on and they stated the reason for selling was to buy a different mobile gaming device. This seemed strange to me, as the Shield was the most powerful and, honestly, the coolest looking device on the market. Onto the internet I went, to look at what the best mobile gaming system would be for someone depending on what they value in gaming. Whether you are looking for a powerful machine that can be thrown into your carrier bag, or something that can be easily slipped into and out of your pocket while hopping on the train, there is something out there for you.  Read more

Forgotten Nintendo 64 classics

18/04/2017 Main

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. I am going to assume that most of you are around my age, and grew up in the nineties. To us nineties kids, the Nintendo 64 will always hold a special place in our heart with its distinctive controls and plethora of new game ideas. Everyone remembers having to blow into the grey RAM cartridge while thier mean neighbor was busy trying to use toothpaste to fix the scratch in their Playstation disks. We have all played the bit hits, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Turok etc etc. But how many of these forgotten classic have you popped into your Nintendo 64? Read more

The Best Samsung Devices

13/04/2017 Main

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Samsung has been moving up in the world of electronic devices lately. Samsung laptops used to be some of the best medium tier laptops you could get. Now, they produce phones that are competing( and rather well) with Apple Iphones. Samsung tablets have also taken off, and some of the recent releases are able to play high end games at the same level as a high end desktop computer. I have myself a good collection of Samsung devices, thanks to my hobby of buying used electronics from Here are some of my favourite Samsung devices and what makes them so special. Read more

How to wipe a hard drive clean

31/03/2017 Main
How to wipe a hard drive clean

Hey everyone, welcome to my computer and electronics blog. Have any of you ever sold or given away a computer? Even after reformatting the hard drive, it can feel a little bit worrisome handing something over that once held all you intimate details in it. You can delete all your files and folders, but they can be recovered from the recycling bin. You still need to wipe the hard drive clean, and that can be a difficult process. To do this without factory resetting the drive, try these hard drive eraser utilities. Read more

Set up your Gaming Station

29/03/2017 Main
Set up your Gaming Station

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I am super excited for you guys to join me today, as today I am going to be talking about how to set up a good gaming station for your gaming computer. I am focusing on using this as a computer set up as that is what I use at home, but you can change things around to fit your consoles in. I want to mention that the first thing I did was look at online classified ad listings at to find any cheap upgrades to my gamestation before putting it all in place and I suggest you do the same. Read more

Must have Web Applications

24/11/2016 Main
Must have Web Applications 

`Hey guys, hope you are all as well as I am, I am back today with another small post about computers for my electronics blog. This time I want to talk about Web Applications, specifically ones for your internet browser. I am a user of Google Chrome, so all my apps are downloaded from the google store and are 100% legit. I also refuse to pay for something on my browser so they are also 100% free, no charge, on the house. Some are more focused on an individual site, and other are general web safety tools. But overall I recommend that you install all of these apps onto your web browser. Read more

Razer Nostromo- Razing the bar

24/11/2016 Main
  1. Razer Nostromo- Razing the bar

Hey guys, whats going on I am back at you today doing another product review for my Computer and Consumer Electronics blog. I say consumer electronics especially today as I am talking about the Razer Nostromo keyboard, which has no real world uses really so it is strictly for gaming. I love the idea, as I am a PC gamer myself but this thing is just so weird. I recently found a cheap pre owned Razer Nostromo online and since then have been trying it out with different games and it is so weird I haven't found the best game for it yet, but there seems to be some bright spots for anything you want to play using this. Read more