The Cloud

Hi folks! Today I am going to be talking about the benefits of cloud computing and storage in the modern world. With the rise in popularity of smart devices, many people are using the cloud and probably don’t even realise it. Read on to learn more.

The Cloud

Use of the cloud in computing and I.T. is now standard practise in the modern world. Many individuals and companies rely on it for external data storage. It is the obvious choice for off-site storage in today’s I.T. industry. They provide scalable storage options, worldwide access, a wrange of affordable prices and reliable online security. Those looking to upgrade their data storage system invariably opt for a cloud service if they have not already made the switch.

The cloud, put simply, is an offsite storage facility for your data provided by a third party. Instead of storing data on site on a local system, such as server or external hard drive, the cloud allows you to transfer data for storage online via an internet connection. The third party in question ensures the safety and security of your saved data,  produce regular backups, while maintaining a remote access capability for their customers. It is a truly safe, secure and modern way to store huge amounts of data. You can read more about the cloud here:

There are various cloud services available on the market and which one is best for you likely down to your individual needs and budget. Some services offer a service aimed primarily at business users while others provide an often free consumer service targeted at private individuals. Many cloud storage services have also developed mobile applications that allow you to access your business or private data from your smartphone or tablet.

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The various cloud services can be compared by observing capability, complexity, confidence and cost.


Public and consumer cloud storage is perfect for everyday storage of personal data and files and even some simpler business and procedures. But for more complex business operations a specialist cloud storage service with enhanced capability must be sought out. Public cloud have limitations to their configurability enforced by the service provider allows. These restrictions will not be acceptable for many business procedures. So capability is a major deciding factor when choosing a service provider.


If your requirements are relatively simple and straightforward, whether it be for consumer or small business use, there is little need for the expense of a specialist, enhanced cloud service. But if those requirements increase to a substantial level a more complex cloud service will be required to manage and provide the correct level of service. Therefore the of complexity required should be taken before opting for any one supplier.

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When choosing a cloud service provider confidence is paramount. Is the company reputable?  What is their history with regards to customer service and security? Switching to a cloud-based system is essentially delegating the responsibility for storing your precious data to a third party. Make sure to carry out due diligence before opting for any cloud storage service.


The cost of cloud storage varies from supplier to supplier and depends largely on what requirements with regards to capability and complexity are. You must also consider the cost of your local, on site infrastructure to enable seamless use of a cloud service. This must all be weighed against your available budget before choosing any one provider or whether to switch to the cloud in the first place.

As we have already learned, cloud computing is a powerful tool that allows for 24/7 updates of data to a storage server and allows constant, unlimited access to that data from any geographical location with an internet connection. It offers the chance to save a considerable amount of money for both the business user or individual compared to an on site server or hard drive option. Another unique feature to the cloud is it’s ability to wirelessly sync data and information between devices, such as your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and the remote cloud storage server itself. It is an extremely convenient feature and a big selling point to all modern computer users, whether they be private or in business.

Cloud Storage

There is, of course, also the on site or domestic cloud option. This involves installing a wireless server in your business or at home that all data can be synced and backed up to from all devices within range. They are very affordable and can easily be found for sale online. Have a look at this website to compare some bargain cloud storage deals:

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That’s all for now folks. I hope this has given you a helpful overview of the cloud and a better understanding of how it operates.

Until next time.